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Janitorial Cleaning Services for Mississauga Area

Assured Building Maintenance offers a professional janitorial service for Mississauga business owners. We have over thirty years of experience in cleaning large and small offices and other commercial properties. All our packages are affordable and can be tailored to your businesses needs, starting at only $49.00 for a weekly cleaning.

Strating at $49.00 per week

Cleaning Service For…

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Supermarket & Grocery Stores

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Large & Small Office

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Multi Tenant & Condos

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& Bars

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Processing Facilities

Strating at $49.00 per week

Our mission is to be the last Mississauga janitorial cleaning company you ever hire by providing our clients with exceptional service, trained employees, and a clearly organized process from start to finish. Creating lasting partnerships and solutions for your business is what we work hard for each and everyday. We offer a clean or its free guarantee should you not be completely satisfied with our service and promise to always respond to your questions or concerns in a timely fashion. With well over 1 million square feet cleaned on a daily basis we feel confident we can earn your trust and loyalty. Call us today for your FREE facility cleaning assessment, and a list of references. Allow us to show you the difference Assured Building Maintenance can make in implementing a stress free, organized cleaning program for your business.

Strating at $49.00 per week

Services We Provide & Specialize in:

  • VCT Floor Strip, Seal, & Burnish
  • Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Restroom & Surface Sanitizing
  • High Dusting
  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Machine Floor Cleaning & Sweeping for Large Facilities

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What to look for when hiring a janitorial company?

Not all janitorial companies are created equal.

Often times, there are big differences in how a company is structured, insured, and what their process, people, and procedures are like. Company structure is important. Often the sole proprietors who start off in the business, and lack the knowledge and proper staff to help back them in the event of an emergency. We come across situations where we have taken over in a facility, where a sole proprietor does all the cleaning themselves. Often situations arise where something as simple as a snowstorm or flat tire delays the cleaner.

Ask your company the following questions

  • In the event of an emergency, do they have emergency backup staff who reside close to your facility?
  • How many locations do they clean every evening, should they be doing the cleaning themselves?
  • How long have they been in business?

Experience goes a long way, as something as simple as not colour coding dusting clothes can result in the spread of bacteria through cross-contamination in the workplace.

Proper liability and WSIB insurance is important

Ensure your contractor presents a WSIB clearance certificate prior to the start of any work on your premises. Should there be a workplace injury, ensuring that the contractor has a valid WSIB clearance certificate will release you from any liability in the event of an injury? What happens if there is an accident on site in the middle of the night, and the contractor has damaged something worth thousands of dollars? Ensure that they present you with proof of at least 2 million dollars of liability coverage to protect all parties in the event of damage resulting in a contractor accident or their negligence.

The process, people, and procedures are also important as your cleaning, or janitorial company has to have all this in place in order for things to go smoothly and safely on a consistent basis

An experienced janitorial company should have procedures in place for things such as equipment breakdown and proper training of employees. What happens in the event of a floor cleaning machine break down, or broken vacuum belt? Cleaning employees should have basic spare/wear parts on hand in the event of a small mechanical breakdown. In the event of a major breakdown, can they provide another floor cleaning machine the same evening to prevent downtime, while the other is repaired? Training and screening the proper people for cleaning isn’t easy. We like to train well, pay well, and as a result people enjoy working with our company. Procedures when starting a cleaning contract are drafted, kept onsite and followed on a nightly basis. We encourage your staff to communicate with ours via our communication log, as this allows us to understand your unique needs, and to address small concerns before they become large ones. Customer requests or concerns are handled the same day and promptly by any one of our office or field support staff. This is important as you have an image to maintain, and business to attend to without having to babysit the cleaners.